Hi everyone! My name is Margaret and I am currently a fourth-year at Ohio State. My major is Biology, with a minor in Evolution & Ecology, and I’ve always had a love for nature and all its critters. This past summer, I had the opportunity to be an Ecologist at the Tennesee Department of Transportation in Nashville. I learned how to identify different trees, plants, macro-invertebrates, invasive species, and much more! I can’t wait to learn more about Ohio’s plants throughout this semester and post updates/pictures here. 


For my Coat of Arms, there are a few things drawn that represent who I am. The sun is a symbol that represents all of nature and its brightness, which is what I love the most. One of the quotes that I try to live by is famously told by Harry Styles, “Treat People With Kindness”. This is something that anyone can easily do and it doesn’t cost a thing to be nice to someone! Next is the skyline of Cincinnati, where I’ve lived since I was born. It is an amazing city, with great people, and holds a special place in my life. Lastly, the last section represents my major in college, Biology, with plants surrounding it to show my love for nature and minor in Ecology.

Thanks for visiting!